Unleash the power of scrutiny

Content analysis comprises many data analyses types and data tools to reach results we trust to make better decisions!

These tools include qualitative, quantitative and visual analyses that provide critical insights.

Our solutions are simply the systematic empirical and methodological observation and evaluation of content & language, in order to have a full control of it!


Market Solutions

Custom market research including: entry market, trends, mood, sentiments, personality & psychoanalytic profile of customers, behaviour drives, etc. 


Your competitors’ reputation, main trends, focus areas, sentiments towards, positioning, personality and psychoanalytic profile


Reviewing your content with focus on content’s sentiments, positioning, psychoanalytic profile, brand identity, reputation, and sentiments towards brand or product or campaign


Invaluable insight on psychological motivations, intentions, and targets of text.

Thematic Analysis

It is about utlising coding strategies and tools to generate, review, and define themes emerging from your text. We analyse and conclude what themes, ideas, topics, and trends are emerging, or conduct the analysis with a set of target themes and topics (client happiness for example). The thematic results emerge from two different approaches: semantic (explicit use of words) and latent approach (subtext and dispositions).

Discourse Analysis: The big picture connection

Connect to your values, understand assumptions:
Discourse analysis connects your text with the social context and reveals how language can be used for convincing, conveying subliminal ideas, indirectly prompting and modifying audience behaviour: build trust, create doubt, evoke specific emotions, and achieve specific target with audience.

Discourse analysis focuses on multi-levels of communications intended by the text: the vocabulary & word level, the syntax & grammar, the language structures, genres, verbal and non-verbal communication.

 Transform words into meaningful numbers

Big, big Data!
Our AI Powered tools collect any language you desire to transform, analyse and summarise the words into numerical data. From this language-driven data, we find patterns and averages, test casual relationships, and summarise results for you to make the right decisions.

Descriptive, experimental, or correlational

The quantitative research can be directed to be diagnostic and descriptive to seek overall summaries, or to investigate relationships between different variables, to discover hidden cause-effect relationships between the variables, hence, better judgement and impeccable edge over the others.

Like you have not seen it before!

Identity Crisis, or Not?

Everything has a visual identity! Our visual analysis summarises, outlines, and defines your visual identity which is a reflection of every visual aspect of your organization. You learn about your visual identity in details to reach answers about your visual identity, its alignment with your positioning of brand, its subliminal visual messages (or lack of), and whether it is contributing to your growth and progress or hindering it.

Aesthetics: Treat your organisation as a work of art!

Our visual analysis guides you to get to the nitty gritty details of what your visuals should be like. Based on aesthetic science, we transform your brand, visuals, colours, fonts, and even haircuts! to add a visual value to your organisation.


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