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2021 was a busy year for Consult Upgrade team as we launched our research activities with a full scope content analysis of 6 major domains and sectors: Retail, Hospitality, Automotive, Real Estate, Telcos and Banking. The research was focused on the main trends and characteristics that dominate each specific sector with a thorough and deep examination of major players’ content on their websites and social media feed. This gave a perspective on what really has been working and what is approached completely wrongly from those brands when it comes to content they share with their audience.

With over 5 million words carefully analysed and reflected in our insights, we thought it is worth putting together and see how these sectors compare to each other and whether there is any “top performing” domain.

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The major element in this comparison is our Consult Upgrade index, which is a reflection on the quality and performance of each sector with regards to three major areas:

  • The main Personality Traits reflected
  • How much positive sentiments and emotions were reflected in content
  • Levels of Behaviour Drives scored

Retail sector reflected the most sentiments traits throughout their content beating all other sectors with top scores in 23 traits out of 35! Whereas Automotive sector reflected worst personality traits with an average score of 48.79.

Hospitality sector bounced back from underperforming in Personality Traits analysis and was top scoring sector reflecting positive emotions with Calmness and Admiration as their top scores. On the other hand, Banking sector could not shake off rigidity and scored the least in sentiments by scoring really high on negative emotions such as Fear, Anger, and Sadness!

But when it comes to the motivation and what is driving the behaviour of the content (both website and social media feed), Telcos were by far the top performing sector outperforming their nearest rivals with around 9%, a total score of 61.45!


With the Consult Upgrade Index reflecting scores by domain or sector, we had another look on brands and companies and examined how many of these companies have score the highest scores in our 55 content categories, and who scored the lowest. Comprising these scores, we were left with a volatility ranking and rating of industries and sectors as reflected in the diagram below:

Retail had the most inconsistent and volatile content by top performing tremendously in most categories whilst underperforming in many others! Hospitality, on the other hand proved to have the most consistent non-volatile content with an average score of 2.5 per brand and a difference score of 5.

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